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Client Testimonials

"Kelly Thompson is a very knowledgeable house inspector. His inspections are very thorough; he is friendly and patient and explains everything. He found important issues and items that my agent, contractor and another home inspector all missed.
If you are buying a home, the detailed reports he writes are tremendously helpful for negotiating with the seller. I am very happy with his service and I have recommended him too many friends and co-workers."

Maggie B.
Issaquah, WA
"The inspector is very knowledgeable and very patient. He has done several inspections for my friends and they all were very satisfied with his detailed findings and the report. He is very professional and has a wealth of knowledge about construction of dwellings. I would recommend this guy to everyone who is seriously considering buying a house."
Jenny Z.
"I've hired Kelly Thompson three times now to inspect homes I've purchased in Seattle and on the eastside, and his work is amazing. He finds things that other inspectors miss, notes every item in meticulous detail and backs it up with pictures and evidence.

His expert work and reporting has saved me thousands and thousands of dollars. Truly world class."
Liz B.
This letter is to highly recommend Thompson Inspection Services to anyone interested in receiving a thorough and professional inspection of their prospective home.
I had heard about Kelly Thompson through my realtor, who had described him as extremely thorough in his inspection reports. Based on this, I obtained his number and requested the inspection of a home in Upper Rainier Beach that my wife and I were interested in buying.
Suffice to say that the home had significant defects, which Kelly quickly uncovered and explained to me in detail. His extensive knowledge and eye for detail seemed more in line with a forensic scientist than a home inspector. Touring the house with him during the inspection proved to be both enlightening and educational. Kelly was quick to uncover the fact that previous owners had concealed the existence of rotted wood with both paint and insulation. His willingness to foray into an 18" crawlspace and return a summary report of his findings within a day or two also impressed me, to say the least.
For these reasons, I requested Kelly's services again on a different house. The results of this second inspection were much more encouraging. Still, like any house, there were problems, but Kelly identified them all to me and explained what steps needed to taken. Armed with this information, I went back to the seller's agent and was able to negotiate for another $1,500 off my closing costs. In this way, I feel that Thompson Inspection Services ultimately added to my bottom line.
I should mention that I haven't received any compensation for writing this letter, and that it was entirely my idea. I am very grateful for Thompson Inspection Services. Without them I would probably have purchased the first house, with disastrous consequences. I would not hesitate to use them again, and I would recommend their services to anyone.

John Tocher
Renton, WA