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Pre-Inspection Agreement

Before you hire Thompson Inspection Services to do an inspection, here are some items that we hope will give you an overview about home inspections and what to expect during the inspection.

  • What To Expect
Our Final Inspection Reports

Our narrative inspection reports are very informative and easy to read. All reports are posted on our website, e-mailed or mailed to you in a hard copy binder and will contain useful maintenance tips and information. The summary, which includes any major defects or arising problems, is usually e-mailed to you within 24 hours of the inspection. Our detailed, computerized inspection reports include the following:

  • A report summary section listing significant defects and maintenance issues as well as helpful recommendations.
  • A Pre-Closing home inspection checklist.
  • A helpful home maintenance guide, reference section, several cost estimates and related pest information.
  • Digital copies of photographs taken during the inspection are (optional / additional charge).
  • A phone conversations with any parties involved if needed to review and discuss the report.