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Home inspections can help you buy or sell your home with confidence. As trained professionals we have has seen it all, and we'll provide invaluable help in turning you into a knowledgeable consumer. Home owners can identify problems in the making and take preventive measures to avoid costly repairs. Sellers can understand conditions the buyer's inspector may point out and put the property in better selling condition by making repairs. Our inspection services include:

  • Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • New Home Inspection
  • 1-Year Warranty Inspection
  • Building Phase Inspection
  • Pre-List Inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspection

The best way to ensure that you are well informed about the strengths and weakness of a property is to have a professional home inspection performed.  Let your inspector find the problems (new and old) before you commit to a major investment.  Home inspectors are trained to identify problem areas both small and large that may have been overlooked by the previous owners and contractors.  They will help identify which issues require immediate attention.  A trained professional will identify minor and major problem areas and will provide invaluable information in turning you into a more knowledgeable consumer.

New Home Inspection

The quality and craftsmanship of new construction is often not what it used to be several years ago.  Having a professional home inspection performed before your walk-through with the builder will allow you to have problems identified and fixed before you take possession and move in.  It will also allow you to have things repaired before your "one or two year warranty" expires. We do offer re-inspections from our initial inspection performed to confirm that the builder has completed the items identified or if something new has arised.

1-Year Warranty Inspection

With your new home purchase you automatically get a 1 or 2 year bumper to bumper warranty from your builder.  A lot of natural "settlement" occurs in the first year as your home settles into its new environment.

Most new homes that are going to develop major deficiencies may begin to show obvious signs of problems within their first year.  Some defects will not be obvious to the untrained eye.  It is prudent to get a home inspector's list of items that will most likely be repaired by your builder at no extra cost to you if they are brought to your attention.  You will be reassured knowing that potential problems are addressed before they grow into something that could cost you a great deal down the road.

Building Phase Inspection

More and more people are building and buying new homes.  Knowing that your house is being inspected and reviewed throughout the various stages allows us to look at the construction, including foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, heating, etc., and then a final inspection and test performed.  Phase inspections can discover key concerns before it's too late and covered up. Some common items are:

  • Improperly installed roof, windows, doors and exterior cladding
  • Failure to use cement board when building shower and tub surrounds
  • Plumbing damaged or poor installation practices
  • Damaged or poorly installed heating system
  • Improper framing practices
  • Missing insulation
  • Rodent accesses

This relatively inexpensive inspection process protects your new home investment and ensures you the quality of the home you have purchased and dreamed about.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Whether you are selling your home on your own or using a professional real estate agent, it's always a prudent idea to have a professional home inspection before hand.  Remember knowledge is power.  All homes have strengths and weaknesses, an inspector we will help you answer how serious the problems are, and which must be immediately addressed and which can wait. A pre-sale home inspection lets homeowner's identify problems and take preventive measures to avoid costly repairs. You will know you are complying with full disclosure laws, and that means you can consider selecting your own contractors rather than waiting for the buyer to do so.  If you've done an extensive remodel a home inspection can also help you make certain that the contractors did their job correctly.  The more you know about your home, the more prepared you will be for future negotiations when it comes to a sale.